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Bareboat sailing is the process of chartering a boat without any skipper or crew or additional resources. The term bareboat is defined as a boat without a crew,fuel or stores by the some sources.

Bareboat yachting means,you charter a yacht independently. We hand over a yacht ready for use and expect you to return the yacht in the same condition at the end of your charter.as a skiper you are fully responsible for the yacht and the crew.

There are boats in different sizes and configurations, from the catamarans to large or small monohulls.For chartering with a bareboat you should resume of the sailing experience,bareboat certification available at sailing schools or sailing licence.Please be sure about you have a enough experience before renting the boat without skippper. If you think that you might need a skipper we can always advise you one of our experienced english speaker skippers. By hiring a skipper, you will avoid the stress of not knowing the sailing area as well as the liability of the boat,because captain will be held responsible for the boat.

A sailing holiday is incredibly flexible and gives you the near ultimate freedom of being able to move about when and where you want.

Imagine yourself by day anchored in quiet bay,swimming off back of your yacht in crystal clear water,snacking on fresh fruit and baking from local markets, and sunbathing in the Mediteranean Sun.

It’s a wise idea to do your route planning before you go,as in every location there are far more sights and sounds to see and hear every time.The long and short of its ultimate freedom, if you like to particular bay and want to spend extra night there – you can.Or if you are keen to take on as many sea miles as you want- you can.Its all within your reach , depending on Mother Nature of course.

What About the Boat? Basics…

For the uninitiated,a bareboat or skippered sailing holiday may appear far more complicated than actually is. It’s often described as a floating self catered villa. The yacht has bedrooms (cabins),a lounge (Saloon), kitchen (galley) and outdoor area (cockpit ). The boat that is best for you is usually just a question of how many ‘’bedrooms ‘’ you require. As the name suggests bareboat is literally a ‘bare’ yacht with the standart equipment on board required to sail and be comfortable, such as linen,navigation and safety equipment.

Before you arrive at your destination you will already have the base manager’s name,contact details and where the yachts are moored so there are no surprises.

Once you settled onboard a trained member of staff will take you through the boat explaining how to use all of the yachts systems and machinery. Please take this time to ask any questions about the function of the vessel- the more you know, the easier you holiday will be….

Skippered Charter

A sailing holiday is not limited to those who have been born and raised on the sea! It’s a great activity even for those who’ve never set foot on a sailing boat.

If you cant or dont want to sail and would like to give it a whirl or a sailor who simply hasnt had the time to get their skippers ticket – dont worry ! Our experienced and english speaker skippers always at your service.

By hiring a skipper, you will avoid the stress of not knowing the sailing area as well as the liability of the boat,because captain will be held responsible for the boat.

Inspiration- Where to Sail- Destinations

In the right hand column we’ve put together a range of different themes to help you select your next sailing holiday destination. Have a read through them, and please feel free to contact us at any time for advice and information – we are here to help!!