What is Blue Cruise


The Gulet Cruise offers a perfect atmosphere for a lazy holiday in which you are expected to do nothing but relax. Days are spent swimming, reading, eating, drinking and sunbathing. Everyday you wake up to a new scenery that keeps changing from bay to bay. Cabins are comfortable enough for sleeping but you may also prefer to sleep outside under the stars. Inside the cabins there is a space for your belongings. Lux and Deluxe category yachts are as comfortable as a hotel.

Below are some tips to make your blue voyage comfortable:

  • Go easy on luggage. Just pack your camera, couple of light sweatshirts, mosquito repeller, tracking shoes, sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses, books, towel and of course your most important clothing is your swimming suit.
  • All yachts are equipped with snorkel and flippers. Water ski, canoe and other water toys can be loaded on the boat at an extra charge on request.
  • With spacious decks, ensuite cabins, dining and lounge areas, our gulet yachts provide you an exclusive Blue Cruise experience.
  • As water and electric are limited on the boat, please turn them off when you don’t need.
  • Smoking on the deck is allowed, but smoking in the cabins is strictly prohibited as it is very dangerous.
  • Please don’t leave any personal stuff outside when it is windy.
  • Your captain may change the route and the meal times according to weather conditions.
  • Please do not flush toilet paper or anything else as it will cause immediate blockage in the pipes. Please use the bins provided.
  • You must notify your friends and the captain if you will be away from the boat for a while and you should be back on time.
  • Please do not jump in the water before the engine stops and do not swim too far away from the boat.
  • You should be careful with the ropes, cables, ground doors, propellers and listen to the captain’s instructions for your safety.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask your captain or Unison Turkey staff if you have any problem or questions during the tour.
  • Please remember that captain and his crew are responsible from your safety as much as making your cruise experience an unforgettable one.