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Bodrum is the one of the favorite sailing destinations in Turkey with it’s bustling night life and clean waters and convient location. Bodrum lies on the Bodrum Peninsula and faces to Greek Islands of Kos. If you charter in Bodrum or Turgutreis area you can get a chance to explore an abundance of ancient ruins amongst the beatifoul pine claud coastline.

Bodrum is a good starting point for a journey along the Carian Coast , which offers a panorama of mythology, history and amazing scenery outlines by sandy beaches,rocky coves and inlets resembling small fjords.

You can depart from Bodrum, explore the Gulf of Gökova or Güllük and back to Bodrum.On the way, you call at typically Turkish ports such as Ören,Çökertme, and Gümüşlük. you can enjoy the excellent fish restaurants and the remnants of the sunken city of Myndos. If you like deserted sandy beaches, you can go to Cleopatra’s island. Legend has it that Cleopatra made love to Mark Anthony on the idyllic sand beach.



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